This track reminds me of the good ol days, too good!

Hope to get back into adding more content into the blog
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Showreel 2011!

July 18, 2011

Hey people, new showreel with up to date work – yush!



Thanks to the Street Fighter Anniversery OC remix for the Akuma bgm ūüôā

Animated and Timed

April 28, 2011

Animated and timed the character, 20-10 frame segments, make it easier to code and configure in the unity engine

animated the walk, jump (shoryuken), right punch, left punch, right kick, left kick, dizzy animation for the stamina

Kyle helped me with the animation and gave ideas on how to make the movements and keyframing better


0-300 = IDLE

310 – 350 = WALK

400 – 500 = JUMP (shoryuken uppercut)

500 – 545 = RIGHT PUNCH

545 – 610 = LEFT PUNCH

610 – 660 = RIGHT KICKI

660 – 730 = LEFT KICK

900 – 1330 = DIZZY + RECOVER

Finished the topology off, textured the character using Photoshop, used the A.O. lighting and shadow to create the shadows n hidden detail

Unity does not provide shadows so this process was convenient, however Unity Pro can provide shadows, but we are working with the free edition of unity.

a few renders of the final version with textures

Topology Progress

April 22, 2011

Topology is going nicly, being carefull not to include triganle, only work with quads,

adding more rings around the joints so it can move correctly with out distortion.

Sculpt is almost finished

– needs a little detailing around the face and legs

Рneed to change the facial expression, more angry look

This is my Sculpt Model – currently in “Blocking” Stage

I’m quite pleased with the results so far within the work in progress – the shape of the model is

My performance has been slow, however my team mates have given me the courage to press on and focus more on the character design and worry less on the interface design

My colleage Kyle has volunteered to temporary take the role as Interface designer for our game.

Here is a article for a basic selection screen for characters.

I found this to help team mates Kyle, Callum, John for the Unity work for later use.

Today Ive been searching for the answer for my character and how it will look within the game.

The answer was in front of my face the whole time, Akuma/Gouki and Gouken from street fighter 4

The new costumes rock – I also found a 3rd strike version of Akuma

Stone Tengu Research

March 15, 2011

  • The group agreed that I focus on my character aswell the interface for the game
  • I am currently in process of creating the¬†initial¬†ideas for the character.
  • The character has to be made to rig and to 7-9k polys/tris

Here is a quick sketch of the character

At the moment I am not too happy about the progress and im working into

making a more effective and appearling character for the game.